Stop dirt
and diseases!

Cleaning or disinfection system for the entire exterior of your vehicle.


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Rindis provides simple systems for the cleaning and/or disinfection of the exterior of vehicles.

This is done with a drive-through system for cleaning or a fully integrated system on the vehicle that enables the vehicle to disinfect itself:

  • Drive-through systems that clean the chassis and wheels so that vehicles are clean and/or disinfected when they drive on or off the site. This can be combined with an optional disinfection arch. E.g. a drive-through system for use when leaving a site where earthwork is being delivered to and removed from this site; cleaning and disinfecting lorries before they enter an abattoir site.
  • Fully integrated systems on the lorries so that the wheels are disinfected when needed. E.g. cattle feed lorries that disinfect their tyres between clients’ routes.

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Biosecurity – Combi serie DSS and DSD disinfection systems


Compact, portable automatic disinfection systems to prevent diseases being transferred by vehicle tyres. Specifically designed for biosecurity, this compact combination of a drive-thru and drive over system is the best defence against the spread of disease through moving vehicles. Ideal for preventing the spread of potential infection. Designed for use in numerous sectors such as […]

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When you purchase a wheel wash system or a drive-through bath wheel washer, you need to give careful consideration to the results you want to achieve. When choosing a tyre wash system, you need to look at the following issues: What type of dirt do you need to combat? The type of dirt influences: The […]

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